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For over 70 years, Mann Brothers' objective has been to provide premium paints to our valued customers. Our high quality paints and excellent customer service has made Mann Brothers a single source provider for many major movie studios and professional designers.

Fifteen years ago, One of prominent Theme Park compared the major paint brands including Mann Brothers to determine which paint line to use. Mann Brothers submitted "Color Themes" with its brilliant colors. The performance test comparing durability, volatility, color retention, and drying time, concluded Mann Brothers' paints far surpassed the competition.

Mann Brothers' paints are unique to the industry for their vibrant colors and resistance to fade. Applicable in both interior and exterior, Mann Brothers' paints are used by theme parks, scenic arts, and movie sets because of their durability.

Mann Brothers also carries a wide array of specialty products from Venetian plaster to gold leafs to bees wax. You can trust that Mann Brothers carries the unique products that you need to bring your project to life.

We have beaten the competition time after time and are unmatched throughout the nation. The mission of the Mann Brothers is to serve our diverse marketplace through high quality, innovative specialty coatings and products, with customer service as the cornerstone of our business.


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