Color Themes ™

100% Acrylic Exterior/Interior Theme Paint

Color Themes is globally used and recognized as the industry's original theme paint. Formulated for unparalleled durability and color retention, Color Themes offers a truly long lasting finish to withstand the most demanding exterior conditions. It is used and trusted by renowned theme parks world wide.

  • Unparalleled color retention and outstanding longevity
  • 18 pure, super saturated, and intermixable stock colors
  • Longer life on any paint job reducing material and labor costs over its life cycle
  • Available in all bases to be used with Color Themes colorant system for complete range of custom colors
  • Perfect for theme parks, themed facilities, murals, and elaborate facades
  • Low VOC (4908-line) and Zero VOC (422-line) formulations available, ensuring compliance in the most stringent environmental standards
  • Can be topcoated with Color Themes Clear (Dead Flat, Satin, Semigloss, Gloss)
  • Drastic temperature shifts?
  • Sweltering humidity?
  • Driving wind?
  • Blazing sun?


Inspired by the needs of scenic painters around the globe, color the demanding enviroments of theme parks, themed facilities, murals, theatrical sets, backdrops and facades. it’s perfect anywhere you want long-lasting durability in an exterior finish-with color retention you thought exixted only in fairy tales.

The Color Themes System

Color Themes represents a bold new concept in premium exterior flat-finish coatings that are 100% acrylic, water-based and low VOC. Eighteen pure, saturated stock colors produce extremely clean, vivid hues. Use it straight from the can, intermix it to get the exact color you need or dilute it with water for aging wash coats*.

  • Stock color palette includes 18 pure, saturated, inter-mixable paint colors.
  • Also available in tint bases and colorants for easy custom color blending.
  • Optional clear coat provides added UV resistance against color fade and extra protection for high wear areas.

Lasts and Lasts (and Lasts)

Performance tests at independent and theme-park labs prove that Color Themes beats the competition time after time. Exposed to the equivalent of two years of Florida-like wearther conditions, Color Themes outperformed major competitors by a wide margin.

re-Paint Less Often

Theme parks, themed facilities, murals, and elaborate facades are very expensive to create. So why would you want to paint every two years when you don’t have to? Color Themes can extend the life of your project significantly.

  • Minimal fading or color change due to superior UV protection that’s many times better than the competition.
  • Colorfastness means there’s no need to re-paint as often* reducing material costs over time, saving in labor costs and protecting revenues because attractions don’t close as often.
  • The longest-lasting premium, 100% acrylic, water-based, low-VOC, exterior theming and scenic paint available.

Caution: Maximum durability and colorfastness is decreased as Color Themes is reduced with water.

Accelerated Weathering Test (Delta E Readings)

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Color Color themes Color themes
Blue 2.59 3.33
Yellow 1.29 12.46
Red 5.51 10.09
Raw Umber 1.44 1.92
Raw Umber 0.70 2.88
Raw Sienna 2.95 6.54
Burnt Sienna 1.19 2.51

Duration of exposure 2000 hours in quv
accerlerated weather tester.

Instrument: Hunter Lab Colorquest

Color Scale: CIE L*A*B

Illuminant: D65

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Color Themes Performance Data

Flash Point ASTM D-3278 Does bot flash (Water Based)
VOC Chemical Calculation Less Than 50 grams per liter
Scrubability ASTM D-2486 Passes 2,221 cycles
Resistance to Commom Cleaners and Disinfectants ASTM D-1308 Passes using citrus Fantastik and citurs cleaners
Adhesion Over Primed Surfaces ASTM D-3359 ASTM D-3359
Water Resistance N/A N/A
Freeze-Thaw Resistance ASTM D-2243 ASTM D-2243
Resistance to Cracking at Low Temperatures N/A N/A
Specular Gloss ASTM D-523 ASTM D-523
Mildew and Fungs Resistance ASTM D-3273 ASTM D-3273
Bacterial Inhibition ASTM D-3456 ASTM D-3456
Stain Resistance ASTM D-1308 ASTM D-1308
Flexibility (Warm/ Cold Stability) ASTM D-522 ASTM D-522
Accelerated Weathering ASTM G-53 ASTM G-53